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We are always looking for native English teachers to join our teaching team at Learning Education. As we have grown over the years we have learned how to best meet the needs of young learners during their early childhood when their language skills naturally develop at the fastest rates. If you join our team, you will have a valuable role to play in the process and change children’s lives forever through teaching them English, an ever more valuable skill in today’s globalized world.

By joining Learning Education you will become a member of the top language schools in China. We are always growing and expanding our operations throughout the country. We offer all the members of our teaching staff the opportunity to grow as we grow, flourish as we flourish and prosper as we prosper. We however can’t do this without great teachers. So we need professional qualified English teachers to join us so we can achieve even greater success in our schools across the city.

Make a difference in a young learner’s life

Learning English is becoming one of the highest priorities for the vast population of China. Parents want their children not only to become productive members of Chinese society but they also want their kids to be capable of competing in a global environment. With their goals in mind, we have made it our mission to ensure they are satisfied with our services.

When you make the commitment to join our team, you are not just making a commitment to the company you work for, you are making a commitment to the children in your class. Through our extensive new teacher training program and ongoing support at the campus level, we are not only committed to getting you into the classroom, we are committed to helping your students achieve high level language skills before they come out. By working with young learners in our campuses you are earning more than just a paycheck, you are providing Chinese youth with a valuable skill that will allow them to achieve greater success as they grow to become productive adults.

Our approach to English Language teaching

Every lesson at Learning Education’s schools is designed to ensure students have the core competencies in English they need to develop into proficient English speakers. All classes include effective presentations, fun and engaging practice activities, and valuable production experience. Whatever the topic of a lesson, real communication is the goal. We want all our students not just to be able to perform well on standardized tests, we want our students to be able to go out into the world and use English to get something done.

Every level of instruction and every lesson within each level has specified outcomes for student performance and ability. We use these outcomes to gauge their success, their teacher’s success, and our success as a first-class English language education provider. We want our customers, our students and their parents, to come away with an experience that is not only fun and entertaining, but one that they feel has real value and benefits for them.

Teach English using leading-edge technology

All of Learning Education’s Schools are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards which enable our English teachers to have powerful teaching tools at their fingertips. But we do more than just provide the hardware for a modern advanced classroom experience, we provide the most up to date content on the market as well. When you teach for Learning Education you will be provided with interactive eBooks, videos, songs, and professionally developed course-ware to ensure your lessons take full advantage of the technology we provide.

Of course we take care of more than just the technological side of things. All of our educational centers have been designed with the young learners in mind. From the colorfully-decorated classrooms to the kid-friendly furniture, every aspect of the young learner’s learning environment has been taken into consideration. And of course, teachers are provided with all the tools and props they would expect in a school focused on children’s education.

Training for success

We want our teachers to be the most effective and professional they can be to ensure our students come away with the best English language instruction possible. With this goal in mind we have developed an up to the minute new teacher training program that covers topics ranging from early childhood development to effective strategies for teaching complicated grammar topics to older students. When you join our team you will be provided with two weeks of training and campus observation to allow you to enter the classroom and deliver top notch English lessons from day one.

We know that a school is only as good as the teachers in its classrooms and we want to help you become the best teacher possible. \In addition to our expertly designed and delivered new teacher training program, throughout your employment at Shanghai’s Learning Education you will be provided with ongoing professional development training that will help you grow as a teacher as we grow as a company. We want the best you have to offer and will provide you with the best we have to offer to help you achieve this goal.

About our courses

Our courses are divided into three groups. Talk to Beeno, Phonics for Kids, and Picture Dictionary for preschool students, Big English for kids aged 6-12, and New Opportunities for teenagers. For all levels and textbooks we provide systematic training, materials, and software for use in your classes. Every step of a young learner’s journey in our schools has been thoughtfully planned for and no matter what the age or level, both teachers and students will have an experience that matches their needs and expectations.

In “Talk to Beeno”, preschool students get exposure to real-life situations that suit their age and abilities that help to learn to communicate naturally and read proficiently. In “Phonics for Kids” they are exposed to the English alphabet, learn the sounds of English, perfect their pronunciation, and take the first steps to becoming good at writing and reading. “Picture Dictionary” provides an extensive amount of vocabulary and sentence structures that prepare them for public school education. Our “Big English” program incorporates topics not traditionally covered in ESL classes, such as science, and math, provides knowledge of the world through teaching about different countries and cultures, and aims to instill the skills students will need to be successful in the 21st century. “New Opportunities” is an advanced level English course that has content from a variety of areas that will challenge older students in ways that will help them succeed as young adults in an English environment.

Become a member of the Learning Education teaching family

By joining Learning Education’s teaching team you will make a difference in many children’s lives. As an active member of our staff you will play an integral role in the education of the young learners of Shanghai. Come join us and make that difference.


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