Whether you want to live on your own or are willing to share an apartment directly affects the potential cost of your monthly rent. Along with your choice of living nearby the city center or within 30 min away from it.

Our experienced foreign teachers at Learning Education strongly recommend living nearby the center you’ll be working at. This not only reduces your transportation costs, but also minimizes your daily commute to work.


Chinese food is quite diverse, every province has their specialty and Shanghai happens to offer most of these delicacies around the city.

If you’re looking for a full Chinese immersion, you’ll realize how cheap some restaurants are. A basic meal of Lanzhou noodles 兰州拉面 can cost as little as 15 RMB.

On the other hand if you miss home and are in need of a good Western burger, that can set you back 100 RMB.

Others prefer cooking because they bring their flavors from home or simply because they like doing it.


Didi 滴滴 has gain immense popularity in China and worldwide. A regular 25 minute ride can cost you around 35 RMB which is very cheap. However, you also want to use the Shanghai Metro which is one of the most modern subway systems in the world. Not only it is very safe but also very cheap. A regular ride costs around 3 RMB.

Shanghai has also buses which are 2 RMB per ride and shared bikes are also an option costing just over 1 RMB for a 10 min ride.