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Teaching in China with Learning Education

At Learning Education every ESL teacher is provided with plenty of teaching resources. We use a world-class curriculum provided by Pearson. Our classrooms use TVs with touchscreen technology, interactive whiteboards and built-in activities.

Our class sizes are between 8 and 15 students; hence we can get the best out of every student. A Chinese teaching assistant is there to co-teach and help our ESL teachers in their classes.

Numbers speak for themselves

Foreign Teachers
Training Centers

How we prepare our teachers

LE provides an in-depth and comprehensive training program that prepares you to step into the classroom with the knowledge and practice necessary to make your lessons great.

We prepare you to efficiently handle all aspects of the classroom environment, from the moment you take a look at that day’s lesson, to the moment you wave goodbye to your students as they exit the classroom. Together, we’ll learn about childhood development, how to motivate them, effectively and successfully implementing PPP, activity design, classroom management, and discipline.

LE will provide you with the guidelines with which to think independently and find your own style, while supporting you through the early stages. The training we provide throughout the year will make sure that you continue to grow as a teacher and will help you reach your potential.

We work hard help our future teachers to bring them smoothly into China

With our 20 years of operating experience, also comes 20 years of working with foreigners and the legal requirements to work in China. China requires foreigners’ documents to go through a legalizations process, to make sure qualified applicants become teachers.

We work with international partners to assist taking your documents through the multiple layers of government. You will only go through this process once; we have successfully completed it for all of our applicants every year.


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