Longman Schools is now Learning Education!

Longman Schools is now Learning Education!

Since 2008 we’ve proudly operated under the “Longman Schools” name. We are shifting our company focus away from just the Shanghai market and are undertaking an expansion throughout China and with this new direction comes our new brand “Learning Education”. At one time we were partnered with Pearson Publishing and “Longman Schools” made sense, but since that time we have struck out on our own and need an identity to call our own. That’s where “Learning Education” and “LE Schools” comes into play.


Internally not much has changed, except for our rapid growth, we are still dedicated to not only fulfilling the English learning needs of China’s youth and providing an exceptional overseas working experience for our foreign teaching staff. Recently we have grown from 15 schools in Shanghai to 22 schools and our first expansion school in SuZhou, and that’s just the beginning! Over the coming months and the next 5 years we plan to expand throughout China and grow our Shanghai business to over 40 schools. There’s never been a better time to join our team as our company goes national. It is truly an exciting time to be part of the Learning Education family and we sincerily hope you will join us in celebrating over 16 years in education and our new look, vision, and growth in China.

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